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Piano beats are known for the positive energy they spread with music and people who know how to play piano are always praised by music lovers. Even if you don’t have a piano at home or you don’t have the access to a real piano, it is possible for you to learn the musical instrument with the help of an android app. The android app Perfect Piano, takes you closer to the music of the instrument. It does not only look like a piano as far as the appearance of the keys is concerned but it sounds like real piano giving you a proper feel.

Perfect Piano, presented by Revontulet Studio is actually a perfect app for those who want to play piano even on the go with realistic sound. Not only the sound is good, the app comes with multi touch option which is also same as real piano. You can even change the width of the keys according to the size of your finger and thus, you can play the instrument to perfection. The app comes with sound plug in support which completes the music and in case you like music too much, you can just record it and set as your ringtone. There are many more attractive features of this free app that require mention.


  • Perfect piano comes with realistic sound which makes it a great app from the music point of view.
  • The app has multi touch option in it which makes it easy to play.
  • You can alter the width of the keys in order to suit the width of your finger.
  • The app has metronome support.
  • The app can detect touch pressure.
  • There are a total of six keyboard programs, namely Bright, Grand piano, Music box, Synth, Rhodes, and organ.
  • There are 70 preloaded sample songs in the app.
  • There are learn to play songs in the store and the store is extending every week.
  • There are modes such as falling ball mode, drop rectangle mode and more.
  • The app also comes with an online version where you can play piano with your friends or even any stranger at any corner of the world.
  • There is chatting room in the online version.
  • You can record the tune you make and then set it as your ringtone.
  • It is possible to log in with your Google account.
  • There are sound plug-ins that you can add such as cello, flute, Violin, High quality grand piano, and more.
  • The app supports external midi keyboard but all the keyboards are not supported.
  • The android version required for this app depends on the device and the version of the app itself.
  • The app is free to purchase and there are several in-app purchases in the app.

Summary: Grand piano is a piano app that represent real piano music and comes with different modes and different playing options.

Good: Grand piano has great music similarity with real piano and the appearance of the app is also quite good.

Bad: Some errors have occurred with the app with some latest devices that the company is trying to fix.

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