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by | Aug 4, 2010 | Reviews | 0 comments

A site that defines itself as “the knowledge sharing place”, will let you create a binder in which you can organize all your resources and access them far more easily than ever before.

These binders can be created for free, and they can contain pretty much anything you like – images, videos, Word documents, PDFs… the choice is entirely yours, and it will depend on which uses you intend to put this application to – personal and professional uses are entirely compatible with the way in which Live Binders has been devised. Of course, you can actually share the content that you have stored on your binder. In that way, stands as a great tool for collaboration. And note that paid Binders are also going to be implemented soon. The free version of the service is limited to 100 MB per account, and 5 MB per file. These limitations will be automatically lifted the moment that you go for a paid account. Premium services will also come with better overall management features, such as the ability to monitor file uploads.


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