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As we can’t eat the same food every day, each and every time, and can’t wear the same clothes daily. Likewise, we want some changes in our life from time to time. I’m not saying that the old clothes or the same food is not good, but every time it is not tolerable. But, if we repeat them after a few days, then it looks cool. What I want to say is that change is very necessary for our lives, whether it is food, lifestyle, interior designing, your interests and meeting people.

Every individual needs a friend or a companion to share everything with them and talk about their day. When we talk about something we have in our mind then it helps to reduce all our worries and make us feel relieved. Sometimes a little conversation is a good medicine for your boredom and loneliness also. So keeping that idea in mind, an awesome app is there for you which is called “Lively: Meet new people”. 

This a cool app for those who’re looking to kill their time and boredom, want to start a conversation and talk about their day with different people. Developed by Zoosk, Inc., this app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and requires iOS 9.0 or any later version of the Operating System. It has been categorized under Social networking field. To download the app, you must be at least 17 years old or more to have fun.

I don’t know yours, but, I love to meet new people, especially when I go for a trip, etc. because it makes me happy and it is always full of fun. So, I decided to use this app so that I can connect with more and more people all over the country.

To begin with Lively app, you need to create your account and thereafter search for people you want to chat with. You can start a video chat which allows you to instantly talk with people from all over the country and some other countries also. This feature is great to recognize the person whom you’re talking to, so that you both are not proved to be fake. Now, you can choose a specific topic that could be an interesting one or a fun topic you feel like talking about and connect with someone else within seconds.

One thing which differentiates this app from the others is that, when you’re connected to another person, then each party will have their screen completely blurred. If you’re comfortable talking to the other person then the blur will fade over time. But, still, it’s your choice whether you want to stay hidden or prefer to be seen because being on camera is not always comfortable for some people, I guess!

Lively is a super-awesome app to download and helps to make new friends as well for dating if you’re sure about it. You can make friends if you don’t want the conversation to end and stay in touch with them always.

This new version has made a lot of improvements in it such as bug fixes and now you have the option to send a video chat request to people who were recently seen online.

So go for it now and meet new people!

Pros: connect with new people; unique social media app; easy to use; video chat available; ease up chat with blur feature; people from all over the country; safe and secure; free.

Cons: none.

I will give this app 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Worth Having App – Download the App


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