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Today I have installed this app in my Mi3. Twitter has come up with the idea of sharing video moments with friends. Till now there are no apps to provide live video to friends. Live Ring is the android app that provides live video sharing to the world of Social media.

Features of Live Ring:

As the name itself implies Live Ring, It tells us about the sharing of live moments with our friend circles. Apart from that it has various features like you can share up to 4 friends at a time, Up to 1 minute of Video can be recorded and shared, you can show your surroundings just at the click of Flip camera button etc; Live Ring automatically finds your friends who have installed this app by browsing through Phone book. After using the app, I have observed many Pros and Cons in this app.


  1. In this hectic work life, we don’t find free time to enjoy happy moments with friends and family. Live Ring provides one solution to share live video moments.
  1. 4 Live Videos are running at a time. You can feel as if you are staying with 4 friends in 4 different places at a time. It’s the best feel which you can ever get. This app provided that feel to me.
  1. Using Live Ring, Important moments cannot be missed. A busy Software Guy can see his cousin’s wedding in Live. A grandfather can talk with their son and daughter onsite on their marriage day. A friend can never miss a burger treat with their trekking batch. A tenth class boy met with an accident can still play cricket with his street friends while getting treatment in the hospital.
  1. Getting advices from other friends is very easy now and it’s live.
  1. Loved Ones will never miss the moment. Even a recently married couple in different offices can show their first day new office live moments.
  1. No last seen breakup issues like whatsapp.
  1. It’s free to use.


  1. Words are important to carry the feel of our heart. Even though we watch a movie based on a novel, we get the best feel when we read that novel itself. Even a small moment of feel can be expressed in words and it is very difficult to show in actions or video. This app lags on that one aspect. “Expressing the feel of our heart” is the main reason for whatsapp to stood first in the world of Social Media.
  1. Even Skype has got this feature of having video conference with friends. The beauty of Skype is it can control the video and audio quality. Skype has also the feature of messaging. So, People using Skype feel that Skype is much user friendly than this app.
  1. This app works perfect only on 3G and above networks. So, it would be a big drawback for most of the Indian users as they rely mostly on 2G network coverage. Whatsapp is providing compressed video feature which is not present in Live Ring. Even with 2G network, you can download a whatsapp video hassle free.
  1. Live Ring is limited to the video sharing. Stickers and animations are not provided. Hike is far better in terms of Stickers and emoticons. Well, it may not be a big drawback anyways.
  1. There are some bugs in this app. Sometimes, when we navigate to other apps and come back, this app stops responding and the camera runs in the background which kills your battery life.
  1. This app has to be improved a lot better to grab more and more users.


Even though this app has been targeted on social media conglomerates facebook and Whatsapp, This idea has got its own disadvantages as well. This app is launched in January itself so it takes some time to reach to the social media but I can say that this app has got that potential to change the interests of People using Social Media Applications.

Worth Having App – Download the App