Logo Quiz: An Engaging Game Of Popular Logos

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The human mind is capable of remembering infinite amount of details and facts without any conscious effort. Signs and logos are some of the most common things we see almost everywhere on a day-to-day basis. Logos are one of the ways through which companies advertise their brand presence in the market; logos are the most powerful tools that communicate the company’s product and value to the target customers (e.g. Mc Donald’s Logo – one of the most popular fast food chains in the world). Logo Quiz is a game which tests the knowledge of its users on these popular logos. Logo Quiz app has been developed and launched by Jinfra. This game is available for the iPhone and iPad users.

How to Play?

Logo Quiz app tests the knowledge of the user on more than 1000+ brands which includes all the widely popular international brands. The app has been designed in a very simple and user friendly manner. The users can start playing the Logo Quiz game within a matter of minutes. They first need to start the game in Category mode or Streak mode or play with friends. The users will need to decide the category in which they want to play or choose their friend whom they want to compete against. The users will have to identify the logo of the company from the full logo with important information removed or from a partial logo with friends and Streak modes. They have to select the correct answer from the choice of four answer; the players will also be provided with hints when they are unable to choose the right answer.

In the Category Mode, the players have to type the answers of the logos; there are no multiple choice options in this mode. Another interesting feature in this mode is that, the players can learn about the new logos which they aren’t familiar with. The logos are organized according to their difficultly levels, into easy, medium and hard. The players can challenge themselves with their knowledge of the logos in this mode. In With friend’s mode, the players will compete in three rounds with the other player and the best of those games are taken into consideration to decide the winner. Each player will have to identify 12 logos within the given amount of time to win the round. Hints will be provided to the players at all levels, the number of hints is increased as you answer each question correctly.


ü Large database of logos than any other logo game

ü In the with friends mode, the users can compete with unlimited number of friends.

ü Best players will be rewarded with achievements and badges.

ü The app is integrated with Game Centre.


Logo Quiz is an addictive gaming app for the users of all age. This interesting and fun filled game is available for free download at the App Store. Download and test your knowledge on logos.

Good – Simple layout with no complications

Bad – Can add more gaming features such as social network integration.

Worth Having Application – Download the Application


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