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One interesting thing that can make a kid to have a fantastic moment is by playing an exciting game. However, there is need to consider that the game not only entertain the kid but also offer great learning that can boost mental and visual skills. One such interesting game is the newly released Look & Find app game. This fantastic game has been designed to ensure that kids can enhance their thinking and mental skills in solving different quizzes besides getting a wonderful fun-filled moment.

At first, the child needs to look and find different animals and objects that are in hiding and perfectly identify them. Additionally, the game offers well-designed and colorful themes that represent different environments that include the countryside, the zoo and the beach. Besides, with 12 unique maps to choose from, the player is set to start the memorable and fantastic journey of learning and enjoying events of the game!

How the Look & Find app game works

The entire operation is pretty simple for the player. Actually, it just requires visual or imagination skills and cognitive skills in order to spot different objects and animals and name them. On the other hand, there are simple arithmetic questions that the user can find them quite easy to answer. Interestingly, the game has adopted amazing graphics, design and animations which make the entire appearance spectacular. Besides, this perfect integration ensures that the child have a lively and fascinating moment during the gameplay!

The Compatibility of the Look & Find app game

Since its release on 2nd September, 2016, this fantastic game has displayed exceptional performance. This is mostly attributed by its high quality features both in display and design. Thus, currently it is compatible with devices like iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. The user will also need to get iOS 7.0 or any latest version in order to get the best output.

Unique Features found in Look & Find app game

Select between the three themes available

Once the player has installed and set up the game, the Look & Find app game introduces one to three unique themes to choose from. These include the beach, the countryside and the zoo. After selecting the preferred theme, the player can then start the journey across the 12 unique stages available in the game!

No advertising; just playing cool

In order to boost the level of concentration when the kid is engaging in the game, the app has ensured that there are no ads which have been incorporated. This will highly boost in creating a conducive environment for mental and cognitive thinking and ultimately arriving at the appropriate solution or the correct answer.

Amazing perfect art included

Apparently, the classical design and the colorful animations and objects clearly prove how exceptional the Look & Find app game is. It has even moved ahead to integrate three fantastic themes that the player can select one of them. Such colorful and bright pictures are deemed to improve the visual skills of kids in identifying objects.

Initiation to 6 foreign languages

A chance to learn a couple of foreign languages from a game can be worth going for. With the great ability kids have portrayed in understanding new terms, this may also work well for them when learning foreign language. Some of the languages available include French, Simplified Chinese, Dutch, English, Vietnamese and Japanese.

Great intuitive game

Actually, the game has adopted a user-friendly and intuitive approach that makes the entire experience amazing. The kids will interact with different objects and animations that will bring great smiles and fantastic learning moments. Besides, the language of communication is pretty simple and interactive thus making the user to have an easy time understanding it.

Check below for the Pros and Cons of the Look & Find app game:


· Different unique stages to enjoy all along the game

· Great colorful pictures and animations

· Over 60 different words and images to learn from

· A chance for kids to learn foreign languages

· Absolutely intuitive and user-friendly experience


· Some quizzes quite challenging for younger age

· Infrequent performance due to crashing


Look & Find app game is typically an amazing educational game with a fantastic experience for the kids. The game has incorporated user-friendly and intuitive interface to ensure that the users get the best moment. Besides, with colorful designs, amazing graphics and fantastic themes, the kids should expect a fun-filled learning experience. This is absolutely a must-recommend to any kid ready to boost learning and cognitive skills. Get it today from the App Store for free!

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