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Losing weight is a difficult job if you don’t know what to eat and how to manage your increasing body weight. While there are several diets available on the web, most of them will only provide you with the things you can take during the diet but you may not be able to make good recipes with those ingredients.  KetoDiet is an app on iTunes that is a diet plan that can make you lose weight and stay away from a lot of health hazards.

KetoDiet is high in fat, contains essential protein and it is quite low in carbohydrate. This helps in reducing chance of heart disease and diabetes and treating epilepsy and cancer becomes easy with the diet. The diet is made Paleo friendly and it contains no sugar, no grain, no white potatoes and no unhealthy oils. KetoDiet, developed by Compumaster Ltd, is your complete health monitor with a planner that sets limits, and a progress chat to keep you motivated throughout the diet. This ketogenetic diet has several scientific explanations saying why it is perfect even for the beginners. The diet has free recipes and you can also access to the blogs where you can get more guidance about the diet.


  • The Ketodiet app is a perfect one for people who are working towards losing weight and staying healthy. The diet contains items that can be included in the diet and also include recipes that you can make in this diet.
  • The app requires you to enter your body weight and daily carbs limit. You can then add meals to the app and the calculations will be done automatically.
  • The diet does not contain any sugar, grain, unhealthy oil, additives, artificial sweetner, and white potatoes.
  • There are 65 low carb recipes included in the diet and you can add to the menu by purchasing the in-app options that are available.
  • The planner included in the app sets the limit for carbs intake, include meals and snacks, helps your create your own meal, and also allows you to add quick snack into the meal.
  • You can always track your progress and with body measurement and weight and body fat tracking and that is surely going to boost your motivation.
  • The screen will help you start your diet plan instantly.
  • The app is compatible to iOS 5.0 or later and it only works on iPad.
  • The version 6.4 of the app takes around 232 MB of space and with 80% discount for January 2014; you can purchase the app at a really low price.

Summary: Ketodiet is a new app on the iTunes store which helps you follow a diet that is good for health and effective for weight loss.

Good: The diet is a complete one with all the guidance and all the information needed to follow the diet and track the progress.

Bad: The app is a bit bulky and it is not compatible to iPhone.

Worth Having Application :  Download the App


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