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Quest games always bring a lot of fun for the user and if the graphics of the game is there to support its adventure, then there is nothing like it. There are several quest games on iTunes store but Lost Chapter HD is here to provide you something amazing and new. It is a cute looking quest game and it is available for free. Lost Chapter HD, presented by Crazy Bit has a story to tell where a team of pathfinders will be there to entertain you. The journey begins in a mysterious island and the search for ancient artifacts is on. The path is full of adventures and dangers unknown to the team and you have to make them come out of these dangerous situations.

The Lost Chapter HD game is full of moves and turns and you are going to enjoy finding ancient treasures. You will have to dig hard to unearth those treasures and remember that every foot has something in store. In the course of finding the missing treasures, you will be able to help some local people who are waiting for your help. They are ready to provide a piece of their land in return. So, check how much you can collect in the form of land and treasure.


  • The app is a quest based game where you will have to do a lot of digging to find out treasure from the earth.
  • The game is based on intuition and calculation and it is quite easy to learn the game rules.
  • The quest game provides you chance to get plots of land for your own which will be given by the people of the area.
  • The game requires you to fight against monsters that may harm the people living in the area.
  • You will require food and water to continue digging in the area.
  • You can encircle your land with the items you have own and that would provide you extra food and water.
  • New Halloween decorations are available.
  • Winning gems is your mission in the game but you can also purchase some of the gems from the in-app purchase options. Though the game is available for free, you may require spending some bucks to move ahead in the game.
  • The graphics of the game is quite interesting and it would keep you hooked to the game.
  • The game is available both for iPad and iPhone and it requires iOS 4.3 or later.
  • The version 1.15 of the game takes around 36.8 MB space on your device.

Summary: Lost Chapter HD is a HD game that is based on a quest which takes you to an adventure of finding hidden and ancient treasures of the earth. The quest is interesting and filled with lots of adventures.

Good: The graphics is really very good and it is coupled with a great game play.

Bad: The game has not received any negative comment so far and it is appreciated by all who have downloaded it.

Worth Having Application : Download the App


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