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Hello ‘Dotrix: Guess the hidden dots’ lovers! The developer of this amazing game has released a new iPhone/iPad game that will elevate your gaming experiences to greater heights. Rozana Kabashi has developed a new device game called Lotti Dotti. Lotti Dotti is a strategy game that is just amazing. Lotti Dotti is a device game that can be played by any person in the society: It is quite good for the amateur game players and also fun-enough for the hardcore game players . Lotti Dotti has many unique features that are meant to give you a wonderful gaming experience.

Lotti Dotti is all about collection of dots. The game requires you to collect all the green dots while avoiding all the red balls. These green dots are capable of increasing the size of your collector. The red dots are avoided because they reduce the size of your collector-so try as much to avoid them. You should also note that everytime you collect a red dot you automatically loose a life, and if all your lives are depleted the game is finished. However, there is a chance of regaining your lives back: Every time you collect the rare blue dots you gain an extra life. You will also get a chance to gain special dots that will improve your gaming experience. There are the divided dots(these are two color dots), pathway dots(these are dots that are able to change the paths of the collector), slo mo dots(these dots slow down the game), de-stunner dots(they allow you to place the collector in a favorable spot by stopping the game for some seconds), collector-repair dots(capable of repairing the collector, they also give you an extra life), red bomber dots(these dots are able to clear all the bad dots for some seconds) and the free style dot( this gives you four dots and each has a different function)

Lotti Dotti is able to record all your achievements. You can also purchase these special dots when they are depleted by clicking the shopping function. Download Lotti Dotti and join the happiness and fun community. We can also not forget to mention the awesome graphics and color schemes.


1. Lotti Dotti does not slow down the operations of your iPad or iPhone.

2. This game is suitable for older kids, young adults and adults in general.

3. Lotti Dotti is very easy, interesting and fun to play. It can be very addictive.

4. Lotti Dotti does not use a large part of your ROM. You will only be required to have a free memory of less than 10 MB in your ipad or iPhone.


1. Lotti Dotti has many in-app purchases. This is not cool! Some of the game players are low income earners and kids.

2. Lotti Dotti only supports the English language. Making difficult for the non-English natives.

Looking at these features and pros, we can give Lotti Dotti a 4 star rating. It is a great game. You can download it and install it for free from iTunes. Share all your Lotti Dotti experiences with your friends, family and classmates. .


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