– For Managers Of Sports Teams

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Any person who manages a sports team or a sports league is going to find this new resource valuable. Generally speaking, it will let them create a website for providing their players with all the information that there is to know about schedules, events and practices, and such a website will be not only aesthetically-pleasant but actually very simple to edit and update. Besides, ads and sponsors can be managed in the way the webmaster desires.

There are three different plans currently available, and these are “Team Site”, “Single Sport League” and “Multi Sport League”. A setup fee has to be paid in every case, and then you will be charged a fixed amount each month. Note that there are no contracts or long-term commitments to speak of – you can cancel the service whenever you wish. A basic website can include announcements, photos, and a team’s roster. It will also let you edit game times and scores. Obviously, options like editing the profile of multiple teams and their corresponding schedules are only available if you go for a “Multiple Sport League” account.


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