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Having any kind of store and having to hire someone with computer knowledge is hard and painful to your wallet when you want to open your store online. Luckily, technology these days is so advanced, that we have web application websites, in which you can easily do anything without any kind of HTML coding, Java or Flash. All you need to make your store appear online is Made Freshly (SaaS Ecommerce Web Application ), which helps you design your store with sleek looking wallpapers and links.

All you need is a bit of time on your hands and create the layout, the links, product details and images and you will have your own online store in as little as a few minutes. It all depends on the size of your inventory and the time it takes to choose your layout and wallpapers. Online stores definitely boost your sales because people have the time to look at things they want before heading out to the store. If they can’t make it to the store, they can just buy it from your online store in a few clicks. The store-front fonts are customized from Google web fonts, so that you can have the best looking online store of the web.

Your website can also be linked to Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, where you can post your offers and your products for any kind of crowd. If people look in a search engine, they can definitely find your store because Made Freshly is SEO Friendly as well. If you look at security, you definitely have it for your users and yourself while you’re using the website because Made Freshly has SSL encryption. Image services are provided from Amazon S3, which allows you to host private images with great quality.

You can also look at the website’s blog in order to get the most out of your store. In their blog you can find information about coupon codes online and it’s benefits, pricing, cross selling, all in favor of increasing your earnings. If you have questions about designs, you can look at all the blog posts about the free photo editors and how to use them as well as any kind of information that you may not know about Ecommerce design.

Signing up is easy on Made Freshly because you have to put very little information, which makes the process shorter than a minute. Now when you first log in, you have to provide your Paypal email for payment purposes. You can also have a free trial, where you can try the store service for free and you will get billed after the trial is over. When you look at the billing options for Made Freshly, you can see that there is a free service if you have a small online store.

This is called the Tasty plan, where you can upload up to 25 products and you have limited themes, 3 images per product and two custom pages where you can post them all. If you have a small business and are just starting out, this is definitely the way to go. All plans have a custom domain as well as Discount codes available when people purchase from your store. The Delicious and Scrumptious plans are priced at $19.99 and $34.99 respectively. This fee is billed monthly and everything depends on how much your store sells when you analyze the benefits of having an online store. One thing that you can be sure of is that this online store can bring in more revenue, so make sure to have this web application in mind when you make a decision.

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