Maid de Camera: Create Pretty Photos with Maid Cos-players

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Maid de Camera app for iPhone, iPad and iPod is a photo frame app where users can share the photo frame with pre-loaded photo featuring pretty Japanese maid cos-players. The app introduces the Japanese Cawaii and Akihabara cultures in which cute maid dressed in petite French dresses serve in a restaurant. They are very popular in many South Asian countries and the app creates photos in which the user and the maid are together in a single frame.

The Maid de Camera app comes with preset photo frames of cute Maids and makes it an exciting photo editing time as users alter, combine and reshuffle between frames and stamps to create beautiful photos of themselves with their favorite maids. The popular features of the app are listed below for easy reference.


  • The Maid de Camera app is compatible with iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S and iPhone 5. It is also compatible with iPod Touch, third, fourth and fifth generation and iPad.
  • The app, version 1.0 requires iOS 4.3 and higher and has been developed by ImageX.
  • The app enables users to design pretty photos featuring sweet Japanese Maid cos-players and themselves within default frames.
  • Maid de Camera functions like a photo frame app shop which has different frame backgrounds with pixel space for adding their own photographs to make it look like they had been with the maids in those settings.
  • The app has 20 frames with adorable maids and more than 50 stamps. Stamps include flowers, stars, hearts, apple, strawberry, and other add-ons. These make the final image very attractive.
  • Users can create multiple photos and photo albums using the frames and stamps. They can add cute head accessories, funny shades, girly bags, and texts to create cute images.
  • The app itself is very simple yet it has an interactive interface.
  • The app colors, frames, stamps and the maids give it an extremely delicate, feminine setting. However, its very nature, that of being a photo frame inventory app, makes it usable by both female and male users.
  • It is integrated with social media and users can upload these images directly to their Facebook or Twitter accounts, share and tag one another.
  • Maid de Camera is a free app with a size of 13.2 MB. It is available in English and Japanese.

Summary: The Maid de Camera app is a fun photo frame stockpile app that users can use to make cute photos of themselves or their family and friends. It is very simple to use with options for saving images, creating albums, changing frames and settings and editing photos. However, it is not fully able to hold interest for very long. It is a fun time, and might quickly become a onetime app, but is suitable for both young and adult users who love creating photos.

Good: The Maid de Camera app is great for creating photos featuring maid cos-players and is different from other photo creating apps available

Bad: Although the app does not contain major technical bugs, it has a limited user base.

Worth Having Application – Download the application


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