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Changing the world has never been easier. This is a great app from the first touch. You have maybe wondered how you could affect the planet in some good manner. Helping someone is the best way. This is what Solidarity App teaches us. Help someone in order to create a better place for everyone.

Not too many apps have the same purpose. With this one, you can finally reach the voice of change and make a difference. Some of us have a goal to do something for refugees in Greece. This is a rising problem all over the world, but it is the most visible in Greece. Every day, many people are arriving in boats that are not safe and not made for such a long traveling on the water. Refugees are escaping from native countries in order to change the life for better. When they come to Greece, most of them are continuing the journey to other places, but some of them stay and try to live a new life. But how to live without money and job. Solidarity App has a solution. Its project called Odyssea has a great innovation.

All those materials from boats and safety jackets can be transformed into something new. Have you ever imagined that a boat might be a wallet? Probably not. Well, in Odyssea project, it is possible. Most boats are made of rubber and canvas that are very suitable for producing other things. You can make a new bag out of this type of boats. Imagination can go further and possibilities are endless. Wallets, bags or hats. It is up to you. This way, the project helps refugees make a living out of selling these products. The price is not huge and it is affordable, so they succeed to sell a lot of things. They get some money for buying food and sleeping in decent places. It means a happier life.

Solidarity App is not helping only refugees. You can make a contribution in other projects like saving dolphins or providing water to the people who need it. There is also fighting for animal rights and enabling robots to provide education to children. You can choose your area of interest. No matter of your personal choice, the best thing about the app is that you can make a donation for the project without paying anything. Yes, a donation without giving money. Everything you have to do is downloading this app and start playing with it. Approach to projects is completely free, so you can enjoy in many ways. You are giving a hand to someone who needs it and making a donation improves someone’s life. When you know that donation is free of charge, the feeling is even better.

Download Solidarity App and be involved into something good. It is a matter of our contribution when it comes to situation in the world. You can be the one who helps, so others can follow. Solidarity App wakes up our humanity in the best possible way.

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