Make Your Kids Learn about Room Cleaning with TidyUp

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Though iDevices are made for grown up customer group, who does not want to play with kids with their favorite device? That is why there are several apps on iTunes that are made for kids and you can enjoy playing them too. This time you have an app on store which is specially made for learning experience of the kids while they can also have fun with the same. Your kids will learn how to organize things in the room and will get a lot of information about each of the item in the room. TidyUp is the app I am talking about and this is particularly made for those children who are just starting to learn about different thighs in the household.

TidyUp, presented by Wirenode s.r.o is a new app in the store which is actually a puzzle game for the kids. It comprises of a number of rooms though all rooms are not available for free. The app is free to download and you can get several objects and rooms for free. If you like the app, just pay $0.99 to download the full version and you will have much more to do with it. Let your kids handle your iPad and let them learn by their own how to organize certain thing, where to put the toys, where to keep the book and all such things.


  • TidyUp is an app that will truly educate your child to clean up the room.
  • In the app, the kid will have to move the objects to the right place. In case the placement of the object is right the object will speak. If the placement of the object is wrong then it will give you advice.
  • Once you put your finger on an object it will introduce itself to you.
  • The game is a screen touch based intuitive one where there is no need to learn a specific way of playing.
  • The sounds are recorded in American accent by actors.
  • There are 50 different objects in the game that the kids can move.
  • There are numerous rooms in the game. Some of them are given free in the game and some you will have to purchase from the store.
  • There are additional free puzzles to play in the app.
  • The graphics is made in the style of cartoon in order to entertain the kids.
  • The game is such that you will enjoy the game with your kids and they will be moving ahead in their learning procedure.
  • The app is specially made for iPads and you require iOS 5.1.1 in order to play the game.
  • The version 1.2 of the free game takes around 65 MB space on your device.

Summary:TidyUp is a game for the kids that educates them how to arrange their room and where to keep a particular thing. The game is fun with visual display of items and their placement options.

Good:The kids will actually learn from the game and the graphics is quite beautiful.

Bad:The sound effects could be much interesting.

Worth Having Application –  Download the App


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