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Protecting and managing of the password are as important as oxygen is important for life. For this purpose, PassVult is providing all the required features. Well, I’m accessing this app so I am sharing my own experience here. I will step by step unlock all the things regarding this app.

What is PassVult?

It is a simple user-friendly app which is a kind of password manager. In this, there will be ownership of their password data by localizing all of the data on individual iDevice. Like this, you will be safe from vendor breaches of other password managers.

What are top features of this app?

  • Touch ID & face ID – Your app will be protected as there is touch ID required to log in for this.
  • Store & manage your password – The app is storing and managing all your entire passwords.
  • Generating complex password: The app is generating complex password randomly. You can choose the length of your password from the options 8, 12, 14, 16, 20, 24, 28, 30 & 32.
  • Breach Check: You can access breach check feature to get the information about your email exposition in public breach.
  • AES: All the data is store in a local database using Advance Encryption System.
  • Manage your credit cards: You can manage all your credit card details on this platform. In that, you can save your card number, card owner, CVV & expiry data of your card.
  • Secret questions: You can also save your secret questions and their answer on this platform.
  • Breach Check: This feature enables you to check all your breach for your account.
  • Manage physical codes: You can manage & save all your physical codes as per your service.
  • Report a bug: You can also report the bug with filling out the form. The help will reach out to you regarding the same.
  • Touch ID & face ID: The touch ID & face ID of this app is also enabled.
  • User setting: User can modify the setting with changing the password.

The user interface of this app is really awesome. You can also get help from the frequently ask question option.

Benefits which I get:

This app makes my work easy regarding managing entire passwords. For me, this is like right hand. Now I don’t need to worry while forgetting my password. PassVult is always with me.


PassVult app is really a good and unique feature. I recommend this to everyone who usually forgets their password and want to have privacy for their data. Lastly thanks a lot!!

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