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In the world where information is the key to success and the key to a happy life, the time, spend for gathering them does not make sense. You need to search whatever you look for in the search engine and in most of the cases, the information you are actually looking for is not found. Time is priceless and so is the information no matter what it concerns. PickWEB has solved the problem with its new app that not only provides right information but also provides it quickly.

PickWEB, presented by ATEM-IT is a free app in the play store that will make finding things easy no matter what you are looking for. The app has made searching things easy by making all option present on your browser. It can be on your PC or the gadget that you are using. All you need to do is to select the category, then the sub category and a page will open showing you what you are looking for. You just need seconds to find items and the multilingual interface of the clients makes it quite reasonable and acceptable throughout the world. The app is not just about searching but it is about managing what you search frequently and there are lots of features that make the app special.


  • The app PickWEB provides you a list of categories from which you can select what you are searching for. The categories are cars and vehicles, house and households, health, culture, society, for children, government and authority and more.
  • There are sub categories for every category you choose. This helps to narrow down the search even more and the chance of finding the right items increases.
  • Once you select a sub category in the app, you are directed to the web page where you can find what you want. This is not going to take much time and the process is quite convenient compared to the process of finding things from the search engines.
  • Apart from the catalog or category section, you will find a link section where there are options that will help you see the most visited, favorite, Wikipedia, mailing service and more. The link section is actually the place where you can manage the app.
  • The visual presentation of the app is quite simple and you can follow it easily.
  • The link directory presented in the app is sorted according to the countries.
  • There are several languages to choose from. You just need to go to the setting section and choose your language.
  • The app version 1.0.8 is compatible with android 1.6 or later.
  • The app takes around 2.5 MB space on your device.

Summary: PickWEB is a new app on the play store that can be used to find anything and everything on the web and through its categories and sub categories; you can actually find things fast.

Good: The app has shortlisted items according to category and made the whole searching process easy.

Bad: The choices are limited under certain categories.

Worth Having App :  Download the app


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