Make Speed Pro+ your Daily Companion While Walking

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Speed is quite essential in your life. When you slow down, all negative things start coming to you and when you speed up, you tend to shed those negativities. Speed is also essential while you walk as it is considered as the best exercise that can keep you healthy and can help in losing weight. Speed Pro + is a new app in iTunes that will help you track your speed in the best possible manner. The feature loased app is made for those who want to maintain proper speed while they walk and also want to record their path along with calculating how much they have walked in a day.

Speed Pro+, presented by Mother Tucker LLC is a simple paid app which can be made yours for $1.99. All you need to do is to keep the app on while you walk and the rest will be taken care of by the app itself. It will measure the distance you walked, the location along with the route. The app is also going to count the number of steps along with the number of floors ascended and descended. You can check your highest speed in order to understand your strength and the average speed to know your capability. The total time will be the time you walked minus the time you paused.

Speed Pro and Speed pro+ is the two versions for iPad and iPhone respectively and it can be your great companion while you are doing your regular walking work out. It records so many things that you may not need. Do not worry, because you always have the option to save what you want and edit the saved data. Tracking can be paused and started at any point of time. In case, you want to share your travel history to people through social media, that option is also available to you. You can always choose the unit option in Miles or in Kms. You can also choose to see the live feed of the camera in the app background.

The app is made for fun along with real work. You can always take picture with the app and just with a single click. You can tap anywhere to start recording and double tap anywhere to stop it. Setting focus is also quite simple. Just tap and hold in order to select your focus. There are other awesome functions of the camera that you will learn as you start using the app. I found it really interesting because switching between the camera and the general function of the app is quite easy.

The version 2.01 of the app takes around 16.2 MB space on your device and it requires iOS 7.0 or later. It is compatible to both iPhone and iPad and optimized for the latest iPhone 6 plus. The new version of the app offers silent mode tracking.

Good: The app is loaded with feature and it is quite easy to operate the app.

Bad: All the bugs are fixed up as of now and nothing wrong is reported about the new version.

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