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Are you struggling with the time you have to pay for scheduling your employees properly on a day to day basis? Then the solution for your problem has already arrived. The ScheduleAnywhere employee scheduling software designed by the Atlas Business Solutions, has the ability to schedule your employees instantly within minimum time and also it keeps the employees posted about their schedules as soon as they are finalized by you. So, no matter how many employees you have to schedule every day, now you can do all that with minimum hassle and can give your valuable time to other works.   This application is truly effective to increase the productivity of the managers and business owners who have to carry on the scheduling task of many employees on a day to day basis to make the processes running smoothly.

How it helps

ScheduleAnywhere is simple and easy and enables you to schedule your employees from anywhere during anytime of the day. The app will work for you 24 hours all 7 days of the week and all the 365 days of the year. So, irrespective of your other work schedules and routine you can schedule your employees any time you have some time. This online software has been serving all the industries with great efficiency. Currently it is being used rigorously in industries like healthcare, public safety, energy, retail, transportation, business services as well as government. So, no matter the industry you work in, you can get complete scheduling assistance from ScheduleAnywhere.

The features

This app has extensive functionality. It makes creating employee schedules easy by enabling you to create custom schedules and rotate and copy schedules. It also posts the schedules approved by you online which can be very helpful to meet your staffing requirements and coverage. You can also track over time of employees easily through this software without having to look out for data sheets. ScheduleAnywhere makes it simple to track employee skills, as well as qualifications and training and also supports self-scheduling by the employees, which can be helpful to ensure maximum employee satisfaction.

The software is fast and easy and needs only a few clicks of mouse to complete your task of scheduling, saving as much as 75% time. It is scalable and can be used by any small, medium or large organizations efficiently. It comes with free live support through email and phone calls so if you ever happen to have any issue with the use, you can get expert support instantly. The software is available on subscription basis and also as a self-hosted solution so that you can enjoy the maximum flexibility. The plans for this great scheduling software starts at only $25 per month and the price depends on the number of employees to be scheduled.

Good: ScheduleAnywhere is really effective to complete even the most exhaustive scheduling tasks within minutes. The service is highly flexible and scalable and it works efficiently to cover all the aspects of scheduling, including informing the employees about their schedules.

Bad: No bad reports about this application have been received so far.

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