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VCita offers business solutions for all types of businesses. It is a web based solution for engaging and meeting clients online and helps enhance your website. There are appointment schedulers, options for contact, forms, etc. that can be integrated in any platform and customized to increase the number of visitors and contact requests. All of these services are integrated into the business website and can be managed through one dashboard.



• Readers and website visitors are encouraged to reach out to you and ask for advice as well as schedule a time for talking. The service offers proactive options for contact with a unique contact box.
• Your availability is displayed when visitors try to schedule a meeting. The availability is synchronized with your calendar. Clients can schedule their appointments online and this saves time on reminders or reschedules, helping you manage your schedules efficiently.
• vCita also offers a contact page hosted by the service to promoting your services. The dashboard is available on any device and offers automated notifications, so that your clients can communicate with you easily.
• vCita also offers a messaging service and this can be synchronized with your telephone, so that contacts can immediately get in touch with you.
• Once you confirm the meeting request, vCita can be used for video meetings or for a private telephone conversation.
• Billing and payment options are also offered.
• vCita offers a range of options for billing, such as complimentary meetings; hourly rates and so on.
• The payment method can be set up upfront or the clients can be billed once the meeting is over. You just need to create the invoice and email it to your clients. The payment can be collected online through PayPal or through your credit card.
• Visitors can be engaged and helped in communication by providing leads.
• Readers or viewers can contact the businesses on any online property chosen by the business owner.
• You can begin using the service for free with the help of the widget, which helps you manage requests for contacting and scheduling purposes and for having online meetings.
• When you start billing for the meeting or advice given to visitors, you will have to switch over to the Business version and make a small payment of a monthly subscription.
• You can customize your forms on any platform. The service works for websites and blogs as well as your social networking pages.

The Good

Businesses and Entrepreneurs can take advantage of the opportunity to get more clients and offer good services to their existing clients from their business website. The entire process is supported by vCita. Bloggers can connect with selected readers and visitors. You can also monetize your expertise by offering advice to visitors in the meetings or the one to one sessions.

The Bad

However, it is only useful for those who need interaction with customers and is not suitable for all websites. If future clients and contact with customers is not important, vCita is not for you.


vCita offers perfect business solutions for all types of service providers. You can create contact forms and access an effective communication with clients, schedule meetings, conduct email marketing, create invoices and receive payments from clients through an integrated platform, to grow your online business.

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