Manilla: The Smart Way To Manage Your Finance On Your Phone

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How many times it happened that you missed a bill payment as you are managing several accounts? The result is a late fee and you definitely won’t like to pay it, again and again. How great it would have been if someone could remind you about each and every bill payment irrespective of the bank account? Your partner may not do it properly, but the Manilla – Bills and Reminders by Manilla LLC will surely do it for you. This is an app available for android users under the play store and it is an award winning app that has made life easy for busy businessmen and homemakers.

The primary responsibility of Manilla – Bills and Reminders is to remind the user about each and every bill payment so that you are never again requires paying any late fee. You can manage all your accounts in one place, and that too, in a secured manner. This is an app that is appreciated in the business world quite well, because it helps in managing finances, travel rewards and offers and provides reminders about bill pay. The additional benefit includes online document storage, and protection of your data, which is much required for any finance based app.


  • The app helps in managing all accounts in one play. No matter, how many bank accounts you have, you can manage them together.
  • The app supports more than 3000 leading providers and the number is increasing, rapidly.
  • The app shows you how much you own in total, so that you can manage your finance well.
  • You will receive text massage or reminder from the app to remind you about the bill payment, so never pay a late fee, again.
  • You can check your travel rewards and subscription while using this app.
  • You can store and manage your documents for free. Storage of statements, bills, notices and offers are done under the app.
  • The data interface is easy to understand and once you start using it, you will not be able to leave it.
  • You will have a unique user id and password to sign in to your Manilla account. The access is secured and protected. Just click on the account to see an instant summary.
  • The security of the app is given top priority and thus it is monitored 24/7.
  • Adding accounts is simple in Manilla and you can access it through your smart phones, tablet or computer.
  • The android user require android version 2.2 or later for the version 2.3.
  • It takes only 2.8 M on your android device.

Summary: Manilla is a free to use app made for managing several accounts under one head. You can manage your household bill payment, credit card payment, paypal payments and more, using this service that connects to more than 3000 providers. The process is easy and secured. The app provides a free service and once you start using the app, you will never have to pay another late fee.

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