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Marketing Inception is an ios application I recently tried on my iPhone. It promises to help entrepreneurs and business owners to create a marketing plan that will be profitable and perhaps turn your business around for the better. The application provides lots of advice to the user in the form of a slide show.

If you tap on the slide you want to see, it will further expand into a list of advice that you can read on the go. There are examples like you can organize a competition or prize draw to attract more people to your shop and giving out discount coupons. The advice you see on the application further explains how to execute the plan such as giving out discount coupons. There are not a lot of such apps that goes into much detail in the iTunes App Store but this application surprises me in giving out useful knowledge for just 99 cents.

You can browse the steps from step 1 to step 3. Step 1 talks about finding out who your audience is. Step 2 goes into more detail as to how to engage the audience and get them interested in what you are selling. The final step is about how to promote your product or services to your targeted audience. Instead of browsing the information in a slide show manner, you can choose the topic you want to see under the Topics tab in the application. In this manner, you can effectively read what you want instead of going through the slide show. Last but not least, you can read the case studies of how different organizations used this application to develop their own marketing plan. There are only four case studies to read within the application and the case studies are very brief.

You can email the skeleton marketing plan created by the application to your email address. But the plan is not complete. There are certain gaps you need to fill in to make the plan look more complete. I will hope the developer can let the user choose which topics are relevant to their businesses and add them to the marketing plan. Currently, the application only allows users to add the headings to the plan which I feel is not good enough because there are plenty of points to write within the marketing plan. For a price of 99 cents, you get a book-like experience of how a good marketing plan should look like and methods of executing your marketing campaign. It looks like a good deal but the application does not help you to create the final draft of the plan. A lot of effort still depends on the user to write and modify the skeleton plan. I will rate this application 9 out of 10 stars as there are still areas that can be improved.

Worth Having App – Download Marketing Inception


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