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MarketingStick is an application that can be easily used for organizing and measuring your marketing efforts. According to Karl Pearson, “That which is measured improves. That which is measured and reported improves exponentially. MarketingStick is a simple analytics app that can offer you an accurate estimate of the marketing reach of your business.


  • You can measure the number of leads that have been generated from a fan page.
  • You can even find out how many of the recipients have opened the emails or newsletters that you have sent them.
  • The app helps you count your average Facebook status count of the number of words used, the number of people who have re-tweeted to you within a particular period.
  • A single window provides you with all these answers.
  • If you have more than one business, you can use the Agency plan to see several accounts in the same window.
  • The app is able to track analytics from social media, such as Twitter, Facebook and also from MailChimp and WordPress and so on.
  • You can also create customized links to know where the traffic to your site is coming from and where the leads are coming from.
  • All the data is organized in the form of graphs on a dashboard.
  • The application offers a quality score for the content, from 1% to 100%. This is offered based on an algorithm.
  • You can also avail information for improving the content score, increasing site traffic, the number of followers and so on.
  • Use the same window for tracking several accounts related to different sites by using the Agency plan.

The Good

MarketingStick helps you analyze and monitor social media, so that you can see which ones are working effectively and which ones need some fine tuning. It is a cost effective means of gathering statistics and data from the social networks, so that you can analyze the results. The tools are simple to use and it is a perfect tool for businesses that need an effective measurement of their online reach and interactions on social media. You can even get the right advice for improving your business and increasing visibility.

The Bad

The tool only offers you the data and statistics. However, one needs to have the necessary business acumen to fine tune and make changes after reading it.


MarketingStick is a great app for measuring the reach of your business, leads and interactions. You can see and measure the overall growth of the company for a given date range. The easy to use tools tell you the number of tweets read the number of leads on the Facebook page and so on. You can also know how many leads have been generated from your fan page and how many people have opened the mails you sent them. In short, it is an all-in-one business analytics application to measure your marketing reach. Of course, you can also do all this on your own and measure the statistics, as analytical data is run in several of the social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. However, the process is a lengthy one and MarketingStick is a one-stop way of getting all the data in a clear and concise manner in a single place.

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