Be a Master of Kung Fu with Kung Fu Master

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If you are an action lover, you must be in love with the action games available on iTunes. Some of the games are available for free and some are priced quite high. One of the major differences between free and paid games is that the paid games are more interesting and theme based. However, with the new game, Kung Fu Master, you are going to get the thrill of action and the pleasure of theme, together. It is a new game launched on 14th February by Jie Shao and it takes you to the interesting world of Kung Fu.

Becoming a master in Kung Fu is a real challenge for any learner. You have to learn the skill as good as possible but your degree will not be based on how skillful you are. You will be recognized by your faith on the technique, challenging action and perseverance. In the kung fu session you will have to beat the 18 bronze men and that is the core of the game on iTunes. It is available for free and comes with a lot of features. There will be challenges throughout and you have to fight just like a master of the art.


  • Kung Fu Master is a game where the actions of Kung Fu are involved.
  • The game requires you to go through several challenges to come out as a winner.
  • There will be attacks from all around and you will have to save yourself from all those.
  • Every kick and every action has a name in the game. When you take a good shot, it would be recognized.
  • The visual of the game is quite interesting.
  • The game comes with a story and thus it is much more interesting.
  • The theme of the game is a journey of an apprentice to become a master.
  • You can change the settings of the game.
  • The lifeline is shown in red on top of the screen. You will have to save your lifeline and bring the lifeline to zero for the challenger.
  • The app is compatible to iOS 5.0 of later and you can play the game on both iPad and iPhone.
  • The app version 1.0 is available for free and it takes around 217 MB space on your device.

Summary: Kung Fu Master is an action game based on the action of Kung Fu and requires patience and skill to learn the actions and then play.

Good: The tutorial of the game is quite good and the display makes the game look quite interesting.

Bad: The space requirement is too high. If you don’t have much empty space, it can make the system a bit slow.

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