Mates360 – iOS App to Connect and Share with Mates

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Mates360 is an app for the iOS ( iPhone 3GS, iPhone4, 4s and iPad 1 & 2). This is a great way to browse and categorize your apps and share them more easily with your friends directly from your phone. Now you can do so, without logging into facebook or twitter or any other social networking sites.

By getting Mates360 you can organize all your apps. When you get this app it automatically detects your friends from your phone book who are already using Mates360 and syncs them. You can then categorize and rate the apps in your phone and then you can easily share this with your friends. Another advantage this app has over others is that you can categorize these apps into circles of your choice. You can make the circles by your friends or co workers, which allows you to share the apps of your choice with a certain circle. Or you can also divide these apps into categories such as games; entertainment etc. then you can similarly browse the apps which have been categorized by your mates. This allows you to view and purchase app directly from the app store.

If you are frustrated that your friends don’t use the apps that you use or are never aware of the latest trends in apps, Mates360 solves your problem. With Mates360 you don’t have to wonder about what apps are becoming popular among your friends. Also if you come across a great app, you can easily share it with your friends. Another good thing about this app is that the users can give their own ratings to the apps so you don’t have to worry about getting an app and it turning out to be totally awful. Having a friend rate an app is much more reliable than the ratings at the app store. You can easily learn more about the apps your friends are using by clicking the review button and then deciding to get it or not. And if you like an app there, you can get it, as the app directs you to the apple store directly and you don’t have to go look for the app in the store. Another great feature of this app is its ease of use. You can easily create your circles as well as delete them with just one swipe. With so many different text messengers on the market, and games that require you to invite other friends, Mates360 is a great app.

Mates360 is a fun and easy to use iOS app which helps you to see what your friends are using and is also a great help in social networking. It makes reviewing apps much easier. Instead of relying on a stranger’s feedback you can always check what your friends have to say about it. However, functionality of Mates360 totally depends upon your friends and how efficiently they make use of this app.

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