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Maze fiesta is a game that is supported by all android and IOS platforms. It is a game that was released on 4th June 2014. This a game that is you can easily play on your ipad or on your android device. The game is capable of entertaining the amateur players and the hardcore game players. It is a game that does not slow the operations of your device. It is also a game that is very addictive and very enjoyable to play. It is also a game that can also be played in your Facebook account.

Maze fiesta is a game that you can download without paying a single cent. The game also features over 23 worlds that you can always play and earn numerous prizes. Each of the worlds has a certain number of levels that you must beat to move to the next world. You will also be able to win numerous golden after the 16th level that will help you earn real life prizes. Every level is able to feature a pathway that Tom and Tina must cross safely before you complete the level. These pathways have some missing pieces that you are required to fill for the Tom and Tina to cross. At the top of the screen of your device you will always see the level of difficulty you are in and at the bottom of the screen you will see the number of moves that you are required to complete the pathway. Sometimes you will not see the piece and you will be required to tap the spin button on the right side of the pieces and you will see a random assortment of new pieces. You should note that using the spin button will always reduce your number of moves and you should use them wisely.

In this game you are required to place the correct sequence of pieces on a certain pathway in order to help Tina and Tom exit each labyrinth safely and also you are required to find as many “special tickets ” as possible and you will be required to always watch out for the thug called, BIFF who will always try to stop Tom and Tina from succeeding. The game will always provide some tips to help you play for long.

You should also know that the golden tickets that you earn while playing this game can lead to you winning real life prizes like money. If you tap on the tickets on your map you will be taken to The Ticket Pyramid and you will see the number of active tickets you have and the most possible prize that you can win. You will also not be required to always have the pyramid to win the prizes; it is the tickets that you will win that will make you have greater chances of winning numerous prizes. So the more worlds you beat the more chances of winning real-life prizes are.

This game is well known for its incredible graphics and sound that will always be entertaining you as you play the game. The graphics and the characters in this game are very extra-ordinary; you can’t find them in any other game or application.

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