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It gives you the easiest, most open and most “right there where you want it” way to share on the web. Integrating all social networks and communications channels into a single, simple-to-use solution, enables users to easily share content and communicate in real time with the people who matter to them.

If you have friends using multiple IM clients, you will find Meebo pretty useful. This is a web based IM client that lets you connect with friends on Google Talk, Facebook, Yahoo! Messenger and other popular IM clients from a central location without downloading anything.

The visitors have communication capabilities at their fingertips to connect with friends that matter the most. It shares that happen within a trusted network provides more click backs to your site.The customizable buttons and features provide a great way to program and surface your content for easy discovery. Your site visitors will navigate deeper into your site and stick around longer.

It also offers advertisers a powerful and flexible brand-building platform—without compromising your editorial or site design. The visitors can engage with the ad without clicking away from your site.

Visit this site at and post your reviews as comments.

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