MegaFlux : Activate Nano-pipes and Unlock Puzzles to Win

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MegaFlux game app for Android is a challenging game by any standards. Through this app, gamers get to have a re-look at the original plumbing game in which a series of nano-pipes have to be activated to make a continuous passage for the incoming Flux. However, in its new setting the Flux gets different characteristics and looks more dangerous as players struggle to line up pipes without a break.

MegaFlux is essentially a game app driven by puzzles. Players need to put the pieces together in what comes as an engrossing game of wits. The most popular features of the app are given below.


  • MegaFlux game app is compatible with Android version 2.2 to 4.2.
  • MegaFlux, version 1.07 is a Google app and is free to download on Android powered mobile phones and tablets.
  • The game takes players on a quest to solve challenging puzzles and arrange a network of Processors so that the Flux can flow through it.
  • Gamers tap to activate and arrange nano-pipes that form a path for the influx to flow through. This is the only way to proceed to the next level.
  • MegaFlux can be played in two play modes – Relax Mode and Challenge Mode. The first is a series of randomly appearing puzzles and levels. The Challenge Mode comprises of more than 50 puzzle based levels that forces players to sit up and take notice. Levels are arranged according to their increasing difficulty amount.
  • There is another mode- Editor. This mode allows gamers to design their own levels with their choice of difficulties and tiles. They can create as many as 80 puzzle levels.
  • The app is based on a popular plumbing game style but comes with greater ease of play and is technically more advanced.
  • Players also like the interface, the graphics and the accompanying sounds.
  • The game comes with 66 medals that are scattered throughout the levels. Those who complete all the levels stand to win all 66 and set a record.
  • MegaFlux increases the unpredictability of the game by allowing different elements to modify the characteristics of the MegaFlux that is trying to break in.
  • The app is integrated with social media and players can share their scores on Facebook and other social media sites.
  • It is sized at 7.1 MB, is stored in the phone memory and is available in two languages at present – English and French.
  • The App is suitable for both young and adult players and contains various challenges that hold the player’s excitement.

Summary: The MegaFlux game app for Android is a fun game that makes for a little entertainment on long, tedious trips and is ideal for those who love cracking puzzles. There are different types of puzzle elements to beat and a mega flux to control. Plus, the tech focused background and graphics make for an interesting display.

Good: The app has fixed the bugs from earlier versions and is free.

Bad: Since it is mostly puzzles, it is appealing to a limited number of players at a time.

Worth Having Application – Download the Application


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