MEmoticon – iOS App for Funny Facial Expressions

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MEmoticon is a brilliant application which allows users of the app to alter the picture of your liking to something that looks like an emoticon like maybe change your poker face to a bright and smiley face or an infuriating and angry face. If you ever wondered about how your face would look like as an emoticon, this is an app for you by morphing your face.

The App loads very fast and it works with whatever photos you have in your iPod or iPhone. Whether it is in your library, Facebook albums or directly taken from your camera, it would work. A useful function of this app is their auto cropping features where you can auto crop your face; whether it is too big or too small, this app would aid you undeniably.

Another useful feature of this app would be that the transformation of your face would be instant and immediate; with no need for the internet connection, which is good news for users like me since I do not connect to the Internet very often. The User Interface, which follows the Apple UI, is also very simple and would allow great companion for people who are not familiar with difficult user interfaces, since most would be familiar with Apple User interface.

One useful customizable function of the App is that you can adjust where the eyes or mouth are, excellent when you are trying to edit a group photo or a family photo. This is also great for those who want to change around with the app functionality If you are craving for more funny face edits from the usual 3 that they provide (happy, sad and angry), you could also buy the remainder of the faces like shocked emoticon or a winking emoticon for just ninety nine cents. This is extremely cheap for endless fun with your friends and family.

Another useful function is that you can instantly port and share your created emoticon with your peers via SMS, Facebook or Twitter. I shared them with my friends and they laughed their socks off! Not too shabby for an app that just costs 0.99 cents. However as with every app, there are things that I would like the author to improve on. For one, the app could add in support for side faced photos. This would be particularly useful if you do not have any available pictures of your full frontal facial appearance.

Another great feature that they could add on is where they could add in more funny faces. Another option that they could implement would be to allow more faces, rather than the single one that they currently allow. This would certainly help for group photos where everyone would have a bunch of fun comparing their silly faces. I am sure that more are craving for updates from the developers. Another great option that they can implement is for me to share it on other social platforms, such as Google Plus or Orkut, which I am sure numerous people would possess. These improvements would help the app achieve commercial success with the general public.

Worth Having App – Download MEmoticon App


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