meSpeaker – iPhone App for Social Communication

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Mespeaker is a great way to have your voice heard around a certain area and radius, allowing you to make public announcements and meet new people. Whenever you are hanging out and you want to spread the word about a new business, club or even a yard sale, Mespeaker is more than just an iPod application, it’s an important tool to make things happen and communicate effectively by breaking the ice with other iPod users. Not only does it let you post pictures, it allows you to type in whatever message you want to give, making the possibilities endless. Some might think this application can lead to privacy issues, and they should know that Mespeaker allows you to pick who you can talk to, so that creepy people don’t start stalking you.

The application looks great, simple to use and interactive for first time users and the game has not been out long enough to have enough ratings. However, we can say that it may be an innovative way to give out messages without intruding on people’s lives and saving yourself the discomfort of announcing it through a loudspeaker when you can easily record your voice and/or type in your message. The good thing about the application is that you can take it anywhere as long as you have your iPod or iPhone with you. Loading times may vary if you have weak cellphone or wifi signal, so be prepared if you’re in the middle of nowhere. One of the many good things of this web application is that there are no apps and no logins, just get on and use it however you want to. There is a check in mode, where you can chat with other users even if you’re not around them, which could be useful for friends or family if you don’t have SMS on your phone.

You are also able to read louds (announcements) throughout the area by fixing a radius; this allows you to listen where the clubs are good when you’re out and about at night. The maximum radius that you can hear or post your loud is 3 km, which is pretty reasonable if you want to start with the closest people around you. It might not sound so appealing to you now, yet this app has a lot of potential for college students as well as people who are just opening a business and want to give it a free announcement. It may turn into something useful in the future and it may save you money, so we do recommend this app.

As far as the pricing goes, this app is completely free, so take advantage of their offer and try the application out, the worst thing that could happen is that you don’t like it, which is very hard when you have a business or a fundraiser. You can refresh your list or your status page and you can also like whatever people say, which makes people curious to hear what you have to say. Technology is developing every single day and you should take advantage of this free service, post a QR code on your business so that people can recommend it right from their iPod or iPhone and you will have more clients. Overall, the app has potential, it’s fun and easy to use, and it provides a new experience for people who want to get out there and experience new things in a fun, new way. Make sure to download it directly from the Itunes App Store and share with your friends, even if you have different devices!

you can download the app at app store – Download meSpeaker


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