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It’s the matter of seconds when it comes to Forex and Stock marketing. Some of you might don’t know the exact meaning of these words. But those, who do, know that what I’m talking is absolutely correct. Within seconds, the rates may take a sharp curve and the market always follows the path which was never expected. In these conditions, it is very difficult for an investor to keep away from his desktop or laptop for even a minute. This is a big problem faced by all the investors and a smart solution has been proposed by Metaquotes App developers, who have developed a new app for android platform, MetaTrader 5.

Most of you must be well known with their previous apps like MetaTrader 4, TeamWox Sync, etc. Well, if you are, then it will not take you a lot of time to understand this one. MetaTrader 5 is a real time trading application that enables you to view instant changes in the market without any delay. You are updated timely and it’s all on your android phone. You can anytime compare the rates with the previous ones and take quick decisions regarding trading. Also, if you have a brokerage account compatible with the application, then you can directly sell or buy shares on your phone. The application links you to your broker and you can directly apply your actions. So, you need nothing else as everything can be done with just a tap of your fingers at home or office or anywhere you are.

Most of the app features are same as that in the earlier versions like MetaTrader 4. The graphics and layout is same. There are some added features in the chart. Otherwise, there are no such big changes. However, there are all the plus points of the earlier version. There are timely graphs, quotes, tabulated in a very simple way so that you can navigate from one to another very easily. The charts show you the variations in the share but only for the last day. There are no further details available i.e. for weeks or months. This could have been worked a little bit more. Also, if you are new to trading, you can also setup a demo account to learn all the skills and tactics before investing real money in the market. Demo account gives you all real time tools and works perfectly smooth.

So, overall the app is very good. You can handle your account anywhere as efficiently as you would have if it was your computer. With its easy user interface, you will feel nothing alien in adapting to the app. Its real time trading options are really exceptionally well and helpful to the purpose. Also, it doesn’t cost you anything, it’s free! So, you could not have asked for anything more from the developer’s side. I wish if something was charged, then looking at the profits they would make, I’m sure all of them would have easily bought this one.

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