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MetaTrader 4, an iOS app developed by MetaQuotes Software Corp., enables users to access the Forex trading market with just a single click. Trading is a great and highly convenient way to make quick money and those that get involved in it, remain engrossed the entire day to keep themselves updated. This is where this app comes in handy by making the market accessible to you right from your mobile device. It is known as the most convenient Forex trading app.

MetaTrader 4 helps you keep track of your account, financial markets, emails, news and more. With this app, you get access to thirty indicators to help you analyze the trading market. If you are an experienced trader, then this collection of indicators is the ideal choice.

With its latest updates, the app is much easier to handle and navigate. In terms of information, this is indeed the best app you can find. It has improves its information clarity and navigation now too.

Over 1,400 servers of various brokerage companies that use this platform are made available to the users. You can use it to take control of your trading account, trade in the market and also use thirty technical expert indicators to analyze the market. Besides, you also get emails and the latest news about the financial markets.

In this version of MetaTrader, the charts have been redesigned, a new mailbox and news section has been added and you are alerted with sound notifications every time you perform trade operations. Using the mailbox section, you can communicate with the representatives of the broker via a highly secure channel. Also, it supports all models of the iPad, including those with retina display and the iPhone 5. Besides this support, it also has an enhanced and improved graphical system. This translates to better performance and better functionality while working with charts.

To allow for simpler trading, the quotes have been made available as financial instruments. You can get a view of all your trade orders, even the pending ones. Using the iPad version, you can go through charts directly, upto 4 of them at a time. The charts are in three categories- line, candle sticks and bars. These make it easier and faster to scroll through and also zoom into as per your requirement.

This app enables all the modes of trade execution and displays full trading history to help analyze your previous trade. You can also change the color themes of the charts and edit them by pressing and holding on to them. This allows you to delete, resize or even move indicators directly from them. Two new frames, MN1 and W1 have also been added.

If you are unsure about the app and wish to try it out, then you could create a demo account and explore it. The home screen shows you the number of brokers available. You can search for them using the search box too. There are quotes available for viewing and there are options such as charts, trade, quotes, settings and history in the bottom tray.

While MetaTrader 4 is a fabulous and very useful app, it requires some knowledge to be used. It is a lot to take for amateurs to the Forex market. However, those with experience will be both pleased and impressed by its features.

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