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There are many people, who love and take care of pets in an impressive manner and it’s really overwhelming when we see the way how pets show their love to their owners. Dogs and kittens are like their own family members for many, they also teach their kids on how they can take care of pets in a loving manner. MewSim is a pet simulator with which you can train and take care of an uncontrolled cat. This app has been developed and launched by Dynamic Pixels Ltd for the iPhone and iPad users. MewSim is compatible with devices with iOS 4.3 or later, the app is made available in more than seven different languages which include English, German, French, Russian, Polish, Italian and Spanish. MewSim is an interactive simulator which has the comical animation of a cute and uncontrolled cat.

How it Works?

In MewSim the user should look after a cat, groom it and take care of all its needs. The users can train the cat to be obedient, caring and loving or they can just turn it into a little devil. The users can choose their kitten, it can be a male or female and the animation of the character will change according to this choice. Each pet is designed to be very unique and each of them has distinguishing abilities, special behavior, personality traits and talents. The users can also select names for their pets and the color of their pets, the pets will then appear in your apartment that has simulated virtually. The kids will love the comical animation and the funny things which your cat will do based on your game play. The cat interacts with all the objects in the house in a humorous way, which is very fun and entertaining to watch. You should always keep an eye on your new friend because they will be dancing around your apartment when you are not watching.

The users can earn points when they take care of their pets; they also receive additional credits when they can spend on food, toys and other interesting stuff for their pets. The pets express their hunger and their mood through their acts, yellow notes will be posted on any room of your apartment which will monitor the happiness status, thirst and hunger of your kitten


ü Interesting Graphics and animation of the main character and the other objects

ü The app allows the users to redesign their pet’s home according to their taste.

ü Enjoy two additional mini games as a bonus.

ü Exchange the MewSim with your friends over the Blue tooth.

ü The game also offers extra items within he game play which helps in diversifying the game.

ü There are many online competitions in which the users can take part which makes the game more interesting and absorbing.

ü You can bring up your own pet by choosing their sex, color and name and make them extremely unique.

ü The app supports retina display which is a plus for the iPhone 5 users.


MewSim is an interesting and fun app which kids will love since they can train and take care of the pet. The app is available in App Store for free, so download and have fun.

You can visit app video here.

Good – Interesting main character.

Bad – The additional credits are expensive.

Worth Having application – Download the application


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