MileBug : App Handles your Tax Problems

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Can your phone track your expenses and tax deduction? Yes with MileBug app you can track all your expenses and compute required tax deduction for a certain period. Basically, the app uses the GPS to track all the information pertaining your expenses and amount required as a tax deduction. With the introduction of the MileBug CLOUD which synchronizes data back up and cross the entire device like an iPhone and iPad this has made it possible to track all your data and store for the use in the tax computation. The App works effectively by sharing data between spouses or close business partners.


Track expenses 

Tracking your expense is a way of controlling your money. This is keeping track of all your money sources and cutting down unnecessary expenses. With the use of MileBug App you can prioritize on the expenses by having your expenses and categorizing them. This helps to plan and gauge your profitability.

Tracking using the GPS 

This one of the amazing feature which adopts the use of GPS tracking fitted with Map Display. Just a tab on the icon ‘start tracking’ and the new MileBug App enables to track data for as far as /10 mile. Setting MileBug as default makes it easier to track using the odometer reading fixed on the Add Trip screen will indicate the current location of the user.

IRS Compliant

MileBug App is designed with the compliance of standards so as to make sure the product meets all the consumer demands and reduce any defects. The app is used to track expenses and computation of the required amount of tax, to make sure that you are not duped or corned then the app has complied with the IRS.

Define Date Range Of Each Report

MileBug App gives you reports as to the expenses or tax computation by date. The app is configured to arrange the reports according to the date that actually occurred. This will make it well arrange and easy to track your reports and in case of complaints you only need the date and the report will be at your disposal.

Data Backup Via iTunes File Sharing 

The use of password to protect data and with your IOS synchronized using iTunes makes all your data to be automatically backed in case of data loss or failure of a condition of your personal computer. MileBug App gives you the chance to manually create Backup. The sharing of information with the app has been upgraded to the use iTunes file. This makes you to share data effectively and efficiently.

International Support

MileBug App has the mileage features which can help you as you navigate across the world by reminding you to give you’re a mileage treat. The car is fitted with a ribbon that will keep track of your car whenever you exceed the mileage distance.

Final word

For all the lovers of bulk tax returns, MileBug app will sort and leave you demanding for more as all your tax problems will be solved and the issue of complaining because of wrong values of tax returns all is history with MileBug App.

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