Mingle – Agile at its best

by | Dec 2, 2010 | Reviews | 1 comment

It perfectly adapts your company’s process to agile best practices, and helps your teams stay on top of evolving requirements in collaboration with business users. As a system-of-record for all software initiatives, it presents the actionable insight you need in order to ensure they make it to market fast.

Recognizing that Agile-in-a-box does not work, it does not force a process on you; instead it helps you find the agile process that works best for you. It is the shared workspace that your globally distributed teams use to stay on the same page with all stakeholders even as business requirements evolve.

Since it always holds the most current project/program data, you can get true-to-life visibility in a customized format that works best for you. Mingle has the industry’s most user-friendly interface and holds all project activity. Its features are selected and implemented carefully based on ThoughtWorks’ world-leading experience in agile consulting and delivery.

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  1. Bilal Ahmad

    Very advance and useful tool.


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