Mini Roco: Leaping Bump Cow Platformer Game- Must Have !

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This game is available on the app store for free on Iphones. It is a virtual game where you will at first play a small cow named Roco. Roco needs your help to get past all the harmful obstacles that he encounters along his journey. It is considered and “endless runner game” where you have to jump to avoid the deadly spikes, lava and cliffs that will surely send him hurling down to his death. Each level makes Roco run faster which means that the game gets harder as you progress through all the different levels.

Your fun isn’t just limited to playing Roco though, there are eight other characters that can be unlocked as you advance through the game levels. In fact, you may need help from all the characters to make it through the whole game which consists of 25 levels in total.

This game has amazing graphics and great level designs. There are special power ups all throughout the game too so you can get some help along the way from things like grass and balloons. There are also life cells that you can collect so that if you do happen to run into a danger you can recuperate some of your characters health and continue on your way.

To jump in this game all you have to do is tap the screen and you are able to avoid all the dangers that the world has in store for your little friends. It doesn’t matter where you tap to jump, just as long as you remember to do it.

As you go along through the game you are able to build up your character’s strength and skill sets to help you be able to conquer obstacles and beat the game.

This game will provide hours and hours of fun to anyone who plays it. It will leave players feeling accomplished and wanting to play it even more once they have beaten the game. In addition to having hours of fun game play, this game offers players a chance to sharpen their brain and their reaction times to be able to play the game with success.

Games like these ones are awesome for children and adults who want to make their reaction times and motor skills better all around. The interactive game play allows kids to have oodles of fun while learning the basic principals of physics, even if they may not realize it for years to come.

The fact that this game is available for free on the app store is a really bonus to anybody who chooses to play. This is a game that can be played for five minutes, or even five hours depending on how long the player wishes to play. It is great for long car rides and plane trips when there is no other fun and interactive things to do. Parents can even play this game with their kids to teach them how to sharpen up their skills if they want to. Or on the other hand, they can play it while they are waiting to pick up their children from school.

Considering that this game is free, it is well worth taking a look at and seeing how far you can help Roco and his friends on their journey.

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