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With the technological advances, mobile is not just a mere device for making calls. It is a full time companion, thanks to the applications. With the new invention of the iPhone and iPad specific applications downloadable through iTunes a wide scope of entertainment has opened up which takes care of the fun need of both kids and adults. The new Mix 2 color application by Arsidian LLC is specially designed for kids and this can be downloaded to your phone easily. The un-matched bonding between kids and color is utilized by the producer of this application.

This new application Mix 2 color will encourage children to be creative. Even if the child is playing with it now, the parent can be rest assured that he or she is actually doing something productive. The design and the operation part of the app are kept simple to make it appropriate for use by kids. This application has a sheer power of keeping your child and even you engaged. The adults enjoy it a lot too as it takes them back to the childhood. There are some features that can be mentioned here.


  • The application is compatible to iPad and requires IOS 4.0 or versions released later.
  • The application comes with two game modes namely ‘Color a picture’ and ‘Draw a picture’. So in case your child is not in the mood of drawing the picture then they can continue with coloring them.
  • There are 18 pictures already included in the application for coloring. They can be colored using 15 different colors.
  • To make things a bit difficult and creative, the application includes only five colors; black, blue, yellow, white and red. These are all basic colors and can be mixed to form other colors to complete the picture.
  • ‘Draw a picture’ is for free style drawing where you can draw anything and color accordingly.
  • There are several tools included in ‘Draw a picture’ section. With 12 colors to choose from, 3 brushes to use, 11 stamps to include and a sponge to rub off things this part gives ample scope of creativity.
  • There are sound effects and music incorporated in the application. Whenever you make a move the application tells you about the same. You can enable or disable music according to your preference.
  • This is an educational game that can be utilized by the parents while educating their kids about colors and lines the most entertaining way.
  • The price of the application is $2.99 for version 1.5.
  • The application needs a space of 27.8 MB.

Summary: Mix 2 Color is an educational application for kids. It allows them to color and draw pictures. There are preset menus and tools to choose from and the arrangement is done keeping the need of the kids in mind. The application caters to the creative side of kids making it absolutely adorable. The layout and design are kept colorful and the sound effects are attractive.

Good: Incorporated tools that would give freedom to color and draw. Different menu for the two modes makes it look like two games in one.

Bad: Not compatible with lesser version than IOS 4.0.

Worth Having App – Download the Application


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