Moarbile – Enjoy the Classic Slot Machine from Your Phone

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If you are interested in trying out the slot machine game, but at the same time would also like to save some money and reduce your interaction with other serious gamers, then slot machine apps are the best way to try. It is not always necessary that you have to travel all the way up to Vegas to play the slot machine games in a casino; you can do that right from your phone itself with the new Moarbile Slots available for the Android users. This app has been developed and launched by Moarbile, a company which publishes mobile applications on the mobile platforms.


Moarbile Slots is one of the easier ways to try your hands with slot machines; it is a pure slot machine play app. This app consists of a 12 themed slot machines for the users to play. The user can move up level by level as they gather enough points and coins to pass through each one of them. The themes in the slot machines are basically designed based on items that are popular among the casino players in general. Each and every theme in the slot machine will have its unique background score. As the players gain more points, they can unlock each slot machine. As the players move up in the game they can be place higher bets and earn more cash. When a player plays the game on each of the slot machine, information about the rewards and various other options that are available for the players will be displayed on the page in which they play. These options also include the cash back feature that can be availed by the players.

The app requires the users to sign in and play the game using their Facebook account; this allows the players to share their updates and other information about the game with their friends and can also compete with them. There is also an option in which the users can buy in chips using real cash through the Facebook, but apart from this players will also gain free chips from the game from time to time. The players receive some free spins and can sometimes play the bonus levels from which they can surely earn cash prizes and advance to a higher level. The game has a very classy touch, which is surely an added advantage for the players. The players can also learn some interesting strategies which will help them to win their games. The players can invest their cash earned in the game again and again. The graphics used in this game is very attractive and the display page is simple and uncluttered.


Moarbile Slots app is a very interesting app for people who love gambling; they can play the game without hurting their wallets. This game can be downloaded for free from the android market.

Good – The game is very easy and guarantees lot of fun.

Bad – The only option for the players to do with their cash is to reinvest in the game, instead the developers can introduce items that can be purchased.

Worth Having App – Download the Application


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