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Today, everyone has their own cell phone or tablet. This not only brings in convenience but also results in a lot of emotional attachment to one’s mobile device. If you wish to know more about a person, the best way to do so today is to catch hold of their phone. When it comes to loved ones and people that you work with, then you sometimes have to keep a tab on them to make sure that they are following the right path. The simplest way to do so is to monitor their mobile phone. This Herculean task has been made easy for you with the Mobile Monitor app.

Mobile Monitor is an Android and iOS app designed for tablets and smartphones. You can track and monitor almost any phone using this software. Once the installation is done on a person’s device, there is so much that you can monitor. You can monitor all the calls received and made. Find out where the person roams with real-time tracking using GPS. Not only can you record and track calls, but you can do so even for text messages. This is not all but. You can access all the media files stored, complete contact list and a lot more.

You might think that this app is unethical but this is not true. There is so much you can use it for that is not wrong. You could supervise the activities of your employees, monitor their email, monitor and track your children at any point of time. Another great feature of this that it helps you back up the data on your phone and keep all of it safe. So, do you still think that this app is unethical?

Working with this app is extremely easy. You first have to download it and then install it on a compatible device. With this done, the app will get down to work and begin the process of extracting data from the smartphone device on an everyday regular basis. Thus, you can keep record of all that happens on that particular mobile. On your part, you have to pay a vist to your panel online on the app and you can actively monitor all the activities of the required device. This process is much simpler than it sounds.

A fear that might linger in most minds when it comes to using Mobile Monitor is the fear of being caught or traced back on the app. This, however, is pure myth. Once you install this app on any device, it becomes invisible and cannot be tracked under any circumstances. The chances of it being detected are almost zero. So, log on to the site, install the app and begin tracking without any apprehensions at all. However, when you install this app, you will be needed to give in a valid email id. The login information will be sent to this id then and you can then begin with monitoring any device you like.

Good: Safety ensured, data backup

Bad: You have to enter your email during installation, which does make you vulnerable somewhere

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