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The simplicity and direct nature of the Android platform is one of the factors that have led to its immense popularity. However, as with most of the other devices, with continued use of your android device, you will start running into hitches, reduced memory and reduced operating memory. The result would be your phone hanging more than usual, a shortened battery life and a worsening user experience. Luckily, these are not conditions that you have to put up with for long. There are third party applications that help restore the order in your phone and improve its performance. One such app is the Mobile Optimizer and Cleaner.

While there are so many other apps that are able to achieve more or less the same results, why should you opt for this particular one?


Diverse features

Most cleaner apps come with a handful of features. These have the ability to clean or do something related for your device. With the Mobile Optimizer and Cleaner, you get a lot more. The application offers a collection of useful and functional features. Each of these are represented by a simple icon with a short description. While the features are able to achieve different things, each of the functions are geared towards making your device better and faster.

Some of the added features include the memory boost, the junk files remover, CPU cooler, App Manager, Privacy Cleaner, and Battery life tips. It needs no further detailing on what each of these features does.

A simple and clean user interface

The application features a simple to use and user-friendly interface. It is easy on the eye and quick to understand. You don’t have to start with troubleshooting the different features to see what each does. Because they have simple icons and descriptions on the side, the user is able to quickly get around the app and get the job done in a jipsy.

Game optimizer

If you have ever been caught up in a long journey with nothing to do, then you know how important being able to play a game on your android device can be with regards to killing time. Problem is, in most cases, you fear draining the battery and not being able to make contact thereafter. The Game Optimizer is a trend setting feature that is added to this one of a kind app. It makes it superbly easy for you to enjoy your games for longer, without the battery paying the price for it.


The app is free .It works on most of the Android versions .It is simple to use with a straightforward interface .Requires minimum operating and storage space. Effective and functional with everything required to make your android device run smoothly again


You have to run the app manually every time you notice the device is getting slowIt does not come with a history cleanerIt does not feature on the constant apps. You have to scour for it through your other apps.


If you want an app that will restore your android device to its former glory, then the Mobile Optimizer and Cleaner is your most pragmatic option. With a wide range of features and unbeatable benefits, there is rarely an app that offers the same quality functions for free and as efficiently.

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