Mobile Phone Spy App Review: Taking a Closer Look at XNSPY

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I’m going to be reviewing an app that is quite different to the ones I usually talk about. It’s called XNSPY and essentially, it is a mobile phone spy app. Basically, concerned parents put this on their kid’s phones and are able to track their calls, texts, browser history, GPS location, contacts and the like. I’m not going to lie, I did find the prospect of snooping on someone’s phone a little creepy. But it is designed of parents who want to look after their kids. Here is what it can do.

XNSPY is a Gateway to Your Kid’s Life

If you’re a parent, you probably always want to know what your children are up to. Sure your kid acts all proper at home but you can never know what they get up to when they are outside. So want to know everything about your child’s life? There’s an app for that. XNSPY allows you to go through all the exchanges and activities your kids do on their smartphones.

How Does XNSPY Do That?

The cell spy app has many features that parents will find useful.

  • GPS tracking lets you know where they are at all times
  • Geo-fencing lets you know if they enter restricted areas
  • Remote controlling lets you delete files on their phone you find inappropriate or lock their phone
  • Reading SMS and IMs lets you read through all their messages
  • Monitoring internet browsing tells you the websites they have been visiting

How is XNSPY Useful to Parents?

Imagine if you child does something they’re not supposed to while you’re at work. They could be looking at adult content on their phones, or talking to someone dangerous. The cell phone monitoring app will keep you informed even when you are away. That’s why I found it pretty nifty.

Will You Leave Your Child Unmonitored?

Frankly speaking, if you’ve bought your kids a smartphone, you should be monitoring it all the time. It will only help you get to know them even better. And you wouldn’t have to lift a finger in doing so. It is literally a mobile phone spy app designed for better parenting. Parents should download XNSPY and see how much better connected they will be with their kids.


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