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Mobile Web America ( Mobile Website Builder ) provides website integration into smartphones as well as regular phones, while you already have your own website and traffic, you can expand your horizons and generate even more traffic into your website. One thing that makes this website great is the ability to automatically sync the website with the mobile version without any hassles or extra programming. This web application was invented for smartphones and other platforms, making it easier for people to access their favorite websites without draining the battery with waiting times. There are over 2,000 compatible platforms, so the website optimization is definitely worth it.


You have the ability to transfer the videos you posted on your website to be optimized in order for mobile users to see it on any kind of phone. Whenever someone needs to type in a number from your website, all they need to do is click to call because Mobile Web-America provides this feature. No more writing down numbers! You don’t even have to change your existing domain, all you need to do is sign-up and either make a new url or stick with your website’s url.

If you’re into Search Engine Optimization, Mobile Web America takes it mobile with Google, Yahoo and other search engines, making your website one of the top ones on any search query. Websites viewed without any kind of optimization can be slow and painful from any mobile phone. However, Mobile Web America provides optimized mobile support for any phone, with faster loading times and increased satisfaction.

Feel like recommending someone and earning bonuses for it? Through the developer’s reward program, just add a referral link on your site and wait for the rewards to come in. The website also invites entrepreneurs to sell their products on the White Label program. People who are interested in this program have to apply in order to sell via the internet.

Need to see how your website is doing mobile wise? Just access the mobile analytics to see statistics and information on user traffic and it is easily accessible from your user’s client panel. You never need a programmer to do jobs that you can easily afford from reliable sources, which is what makes Mobile Web America one of the best choices for mobile website optimization. The web application consists of three steps in which users can have the mobile website running in less than a minute.

With 24/7 customer support, you can be sure that you will get your questions answered in a fast and friendly manner, no matter when you ask for help. Most websites do run on propaganda and you can easily add it to the mobile website as well.

If I change providers do I have to reconvert my entire website?

There is no need to reconvert the entire website if you change providers. You only have to reconvert the website if you change your URL. The developer’s service works with the URL, not the provider. The service costs $4.99 a month and there is no fixed rate for various reasons. The developers are constantly updating the application, so it is definitely worth the try. As far as payment goes, Paypal is the safest way to go. A web designer will charge anything from $250 or more, so if you plan on having the mobile website active for four years or less –it’s a steal!

Will my website be replaced or modified?

No. Your website will not affect how the website is viewed on a computer; it’s only modified to fit the Smartphones’ platforms’ specifications.

The developers are so sure of their product that they are offering a 7- day risk free trial. If you don’t like it after 7 days you can just cancel your membership.

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