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Among all other expedient web applications this proved be much quality and assuage the global users. It is regarded to be the prototyping application for Dashboards, Web apps and all types of software you would like to prototype or use it for requirements gathering.

This discreet web application is quite a very unique web based wire frame tool which is professionally built using HTML5 standard. They also stand for the potent and perfect fit to brainstorm Business Intelligence reports and Dashboards. They are also come under vendor neutral and work with any BI/Dashboard Vendor’s product.

With this cogent web application it is considered to be the first wire framing application which gives you true charts with prototyping ability. You can also offer with potent dashboards so that you can build web and desktop wire frames in minutes.

This persuasive web application is also a rapid wire frame and mockup application. It is also possible to build quickly sketches of how your future web application, desktop application or Dashboard will look like. They are possible to install it on Desktop or on your own web server.

More over this potent web application aids you to build wire frames, mockups and prototypes. They are regarded as very unique web based Rapid prototyping application and provides the best cogent widgets to build Dashboard Wireframes or website Mockups. They also offer scalable library of vector Icons, powerful text widgets, containers and boxes and Dashboard Chart widgets. You can link to any page in the same project or another project. It is also possible to link with external URLs. In general it is considered to be the only wireframe application which offers you true charts with prototyping ability. You can also switch your sketches to hand drawn lines or use default lines. They can be utilized it on your desktop or host it on your own domain -website. Eventually this discreet web application serves good for the global users.

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