Monster of Puppets : Can you Beat them All?

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Monster of puppets is the new rage in the Apple App Store. While a lot of people are comparing it to the popular game Fruit Ninja because they both deal with destroying things, this app is very different from Fruit Ninja. The differences easily outweigh the similarities. The background story is an entirely different thing.

In this iPhone app, Charlie the janitor has to destroy all the puppets in his amusement park after a UFO influences them all to get animated and wreak havoc in his park. The graphics of the hero and the monster puppets have been done excellently and make this game a lot of fun and highly interesting.

Unlike Fruit Ninja, there are many more tools to be used in this game to destroy the monster puppets. There are brooms, saws and guns to be chosen between to destroy the puppets. With each progressing level, the difficulty also increases, keeping up the fun and the excitement. There are also many power-ups such as increased health and additional time that one can use to complete this mission. To make the game all the more engaging, there are coins to collect, which can be used for purchasing tools and weapons during the course of the game. The monsters are not all that easy to fight as they fight back and could harm Charlie’s health quite a bit.

The controls have been kept very simple so that everyone can master the game with ease. The broom needs a swipe of the screen while the gun needs a tap. Using their innovation and strategic skills, the different combination of these weapons can be a lot of fun and very rewarding too. While these tools make it simple, the levels of difficulty make it equally complex. It is a game for everyone and just anyone can master it with some skill and practice.

The design of this game has been done splendidly. It is evident that a lot of time and hard work has gone into making the monster puppets this creepy and well-animated. There is a fine touch to the puppets when it comes to their graphics. The spooky music in the background helps the creepy mood set in all the better.

After some time, the game seems to get repetitive, which might be a turn off for many. With the power-ups, there are also dangerous items like negative timers and poisons that one must beware of. Despite all the efforts to make the game fun with different weapons and modes, it does get boring after a while. On a comparative scale, it is quite interesting. Maybe a few more weapons and special monsters would do the trick. Also, the game is available for free in the App Store and is compatible with all the iOS devices. It is nowhere close to Fruit Ninja but is in a different league of its own altogether. To sum it up, the game is fun and interesting with excellent graphics and a good story line but it ends up boring after a good while.

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