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The iphone is a device that you would love to spend time with. Apart from making calls and receiving them, the device is made for fun and creativity. With all new apps available in the app store, you can do many things on your iphone that was unimaginable just a few years ago. While everything can be personalized, you deserve a right to personalize your ringtones and make it ring the way you want to. However, the conventional ringtones do not offer that benefit and whenever you set a song as ringtone in your device, it starts playing from the beginning. MP3 Chopper from Red Fox Media has broken that boundary and now you have the freedom to edit the songs and make them your personalized ringtones.

The app, MP3 chopper, lets you edit a track and select the portion you want to use as ringtone. It can be any portion of the track. Just input the start time and the end time of the points and you will get the tone of your choice. You can assign the tone as your general ringtone, or you can choose different ringtone for different numbers. You can use the new tones as your alarm tone, massage tone or even notification tone. The app gives you complete liberty to do whatever you want and thus, it is a complete app.


  • The app is designed for iphones, iPad and iPod touch. It is currently available on iTunes and free to download.
  • The version 1.0 of the app requires iOS 4.3 or later and it takes only 1.8MB on the device.
  • The screen of the app is interesting and kept soothing to look at. To make it even more beautiful to look at, the user can choose the wallpaper that he wants to see during the use of the app.
  • You can edit any kind of sound track using this app and use the sound anywhere you want.
  • The edited sound can be accessed from the history tab of the app. it also provides you the opportunity to share the edited track Facebook.
  • The help tab on the app screen can be accessed anytime to see the tutorial of the app.
  • You can not only edit MP3 using MP3 chopper, but you can chop various formats including AAC, WAV, MP4 and AMR. This gives complete freedom to edit the tracks.
  • You can use your recorded voice for editing or you can crop a tone and use it as your ringtone, alarm tone and massage tone. It is possible to select different tones for different individuals and thus, the tone will let you know who is calling.

Summary: MP3 chopper is a song chopping app that helps the user play song as the ringtone from the point he wants. The app is flexible in terms of format and the process does not take much time.

Good: The app is free to download and easy to use. The sound quality of the result song does not change.

Bad: Sound mixing option would have made the app even more interesting.

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