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By this site one can upload the songs to the YouTube. It is also seen and heard lot of songs that play on background might be the musicians who have uploaded songs and music’s through this site assistance. The budding musicians would have uploaded their best of music in audio track couple with basic image for marketing themselves.

It also lets you come up with one unique video, uploading it and reach out an enormous audience by help of this site. This service comes for free of cost and by merely there is only one specification of audio track with image is necessary. You can upload more than one picture along with the song.

Quick Review of

  1. New way to share your music with your friends, family and business partners.
  2. Budding musicians can promote themselves through this site.
  3. How many images can you upload in paid service?

Visit this site at and post your reviews as comments.


  1. Peter J

    Wow this is awesome, and i’ve got just the music to add to it 😛

  2. Bilal Ahmad

    It is free, wooh that’s great.

  3. Adam Paudyal@Endeavor-Online

    Awesome share. I got some buddies that are budding singers. They could really use this for their benefit.

    Thanks for the share.
    Have a good one.

  4. Namit Gupta

    Nice Share. One can indeed reach a larger audience via Youtube.

  5. Mike

    its a very nice functional website.


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