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Music collector connect, is a simple music album cataloging web application for all you music lovers. When I first came to know about this application I thought it as one more organizing application. But once I started using it, I realized that the application has more to offer than mere cataloging. It will turn out to be your E-catalog which can be accessed anytime with your mobile phone too. Even the number of albums that can be viewed in each page can be adjusted to suit your screen size. The mobile application makes it really portable and handy to update and view your catalog. The most exciting feature of the application is the ability to share viewing of your collection set with your friends through Twitter and Facebook. Any changes you make to your collection is viewed as updates to all those you have shared your collection in Facebook and Twitter.

You have to subscribe to use the music collector connect, over the trial period of 30 days. The application supports five different cataloging modules and one has to register separately for each module. Music catalog is one of those five modules. Using the application is too easy, it allows you to add an album, edit its attributes and add your views on the album. The application allows you to add an album using connect database by name or barcode and also manually. If you album consist of multiple albums in a single CD, if your album consist of multiple CD’s or your album has a number of sequels then the application allows you to link your album with many other albums to get continuity and while searching you collection.

In all these methods of adding album’s to your collection, the collection owner can modify an album’s attributes as per his choice. These attributes include genre, format of the album, wish list/collection, date of purchase, etc. These attributes not only add fun to cataloging but also serve as an effective tool for optimizing your search results. Viewing your collection statistics and comparing with that of your friends add more fun to cataloging and sharing. The application allows a collection owner to customize the genre of the album as per his choice like based on period of the album and the type of the album. Thus, the web application allows an user to use the attributes innovatively to fulfill his/her needs to make cataloging more interesting and efficient. Searching albums by name and artist name is made even easier as the search engine is fuzzier as it gets the closest match to the search keyword like the wild card characters search.

The application is undergoing constant change since its launch in the year 2010. Thus application is evolving gradually with increasing functionally. The only drawback of the application as I would see is the inability to backup your collection as and when you wish to. I would recommend the application to all you music lovers and why not? it’s free to use for a trial period of 30 Days. I am sure, once you use it, you will not be able to let it go.

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