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Listening to Music is a favorite hobby for millions of people all over the world. Internet and the availability of music online has been a blessing for many, since we no longer need to record our favorite songs by doing endless searches. Any song can be listened to whenever and wherever we want with the help of technologies such as live streaming, 3G and Wi-Fi that are available today. YouTube has been one of the top website for watching videos as well as listening songs, but one of the most common problem faced in this site is that they lack the continuous playback feature. Hence the users have to click on each and every song even if a play list is created. Music Tubee is a YouTube Music Player app which was developed and launched by MobiRocket, Inc. for the iPhone and Ipad users. The app allows the continuous play back of music along with other attractive features.

Music Tubee app allows the users to listen to songs directly from YouTube, it makes listening to music in a hassle free manner without expending much effort and energy. Music Tubee App helps the users to search, create and arrange playlists within a matter of minutes. One of the added advantages of this app is that users don’t require a predefined playlist. The app also identifies the favorite songs of the users and also the list of the latest songs which is within the top 100 list of each and every country for them to be played at the convenience of the user. It also detects the videos which have been uploaded on the YouTube for the users automatically without requiring them to type in the key words. Users can listen to the latest songs which are uploaded in the YouTube without purchasing them from the iTunes store; this helps them to save many dollars. They can also easily identify their favorite artist from the artist library list in the app which is linked with all the list of their up to date songs. Listening to music anywhere and at any time has been made easy Music Tubee app.


  • The app supports HD Videos (720p and 1020p) so the users can listen and enjoy the high quality videos at the same time.
  • Share your favorite music or videos in social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.
  • Different play modes such as shuffle, loop and continuous.
  • Control the functions of the app such as play and pause with the help of your earphones.
  • Users can manage their multiple YouTube accounts very easily.
  • The app supports the Air Play feature of iPhone.
  • The app also has other features such as Access the next song or skip to the previous song and rewind the song or video for 10 seconds.


Music Tubee Player is one of the effective and efficient ways to listen to favorite and evergreen songs. This app is available at iTunes for free download, so download and enjoy music at any time.

Good – Simple design

Bad – The app is perfect in all aspects.

Worth Having Application – Download the Application


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