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Forums are referred to as the “building-blocks” of a community. Whether you’re running a blog or you need a discussion forum regarding the various products on sale on your website, if users get to interact with each other, it always counts as a “plus” for you. Giving users the freedom to interact indirectly gets you a lot of marketing points. Suppose you’re running an online store. Then all of your products are not equally popular but thanks to these forum discussions, that “small batch” of users radiates the information to the rest of the “big pool”. Similarly, if you’re running a blog and a new reader lands at your page, then the second best thing after your blog’s content is the comment section below. He/she might like your blog but without any comment section, there’s no connection between you and your readers. So which forum do you have on your mind?

Before you prepare your mind, let me introduce you to one of the leading and popular commenting and forum tool called Muut ( In case your mind is telling you to have remembered something similar, then yes, it was initially named as “Moot”. It can shortly be described as a “cool smartly-coded minimalistic client”. It takes not more than copy/pasting two lines of code on your page and the forum goes “live”. Also, you can use it for different platforms such as blogs, online store, support system, reviews, photo gallery, discussions, etc. So you don’t have to opt for separate clients for different platforms when you can integrate them all into one, right!

Apart from its quick “embed-ability” and integration, Muut offers inch-to-inch customization of its each and every feature. When it comes to branding, you can personalize it as per your requirements using your own logos, colour schemes, user database and much more. So while the company is hosting this service since last 7 years to over 60,000 communities, you can’t point-out a single one of them to be the same.

The biggest USP of Muut is its neat, clean, minimalistic and casual interface. Forums are mostly meant for informal talks and discussions and the design must be abbreviated accordingly. It should be light, quick and “free-from-formalities” and that’s what Muut’s been able to bring on table. They’ve separated the text and images/videos and put them in separate compartments so that they can both be accessed easily without congesting up the things. Now, “you” will decide what you want to see. You can read the text alone or you can watch the images/videos in the gallery. It’s your choice!

Though Muut has a free version available with lifetime validity, there are also some paid plans as per the features. Starting from $16/month with features such as Google Analytics, branding, custom emails, etc, the different plans are $36/month, $96/month and $486/month. Remember, these prices are billed annually though there are monthly plans available as well. And if you’re still hesitating to give it a try, there’s a 14-day free trial available for each one of them and that too without any Credit Card. So go check it out today!

Pros: inch-to-inch customization; quick embed-ability; integration; clean and minimalistic interface; free version along with free trial for paid versions available.

Cons: none.

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