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Have you been searching for a perfect alarm that will wake you up in the morning? Are you tired of those wall alarms that produce weird sounds that are not appealing? Today I am introducing to you a new alarm clock that is just excellent. A very creative developer known as Apalon Apps has released a new android alarm known as My Alarm Clock. The latest version of the app was released on 1st august 2016. This is an app that is on its own level because it has been developed with a lot of dexterity to ensure that you time management is elevated.

Who can use My Alarm Clock?

My Alarm Clock is a time management android app that can be used without any difficulties by any person in the society who owns an android device. If you are a student, a working-person or any other casual citizen. This is an alarm app that will suit you best.

My Alarm Clock description

1) This alarm app features an excellent alarm clock that is able to wake you up or remind you about certain events or meetings. The alarm is able to ring with sweet melodies that are in the app. You can also decide to use your own playlist from your own phone. You should know that the alarm will ring continuously until you snooze it or stop it.

2) The developers also added a sleeping timer that will lull you to sleep at night in the best way possible (this is a feature that is not available in other alarms. The app is able to play soft opera and white noise melodies that will allow sleep in the best possible.

3) My Alarm Clock is an app that is also able to run in the background. You don’t have to worry. The alarm will always ring even if the app is not running.

4) This app can also be used freely as a bedside clock that gives you correct local time at any given time. You can also create widgets on your home screen that will give you daily time updates.

5) My Alarm Clock app also goes ahead and provides correct weather updates at any given time. You will be able to understand the temperature ranges among other weather conditions.

6) The clock features two faces that can be interchanged at any given time without any difficulties. These faces are very attractive and stylish. The clock is also able to run excellently in both the landscape and portrait orientations.

7) My Alarm Clock has an inbuilt flashlight that will help you out in case of an emergency. This feature will only work in android devices that have an inbuilt flash.

8) My Alarm Clock is also an app that can be easily launched automatically when your device is either plugged in or docked.


1. My Alarm Clock is an app that does not slow down the operations of your android device.

2. The app has incredible graphics and themes that are very attractive.

3. The app is just 16 MB. This means that it does not use up the ram of your device.

4. The app is free to download, free to install and free to use.


· The app has some bugs that slows it down sometimes.

We can conclude that My Alarm Clock is a must-have app that will help you become more productive.

Worth Having App – Download the App


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