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Aexo’s Wedding organizer is a power pack tool which helps you to plan and organize your wedding in a user friendly way. It’s so easy to use and it has wide range of compatibility with all major Operating Systems and works perfectly with all major browsers. It is even compatible with latest gadgets and tablets including IOS and android devices. You don’t need to install anything in your devices, this application can be easily accessible through a single link ( in any of the devices and this application has the capability to automatically adjust the screen resolution based on the device’s screen size. Unlike other tools, this application is clean and it doesn’t have any advertisements with which it maintains user’s privacy. This application never uses your privacy information for any other purpose unless it’s authorized by you. This application will never send any spam emails to your subscribed email id. Aexo provides an offline version of this same application in the name of Wedding Planner. The Wedding Planners is of the form of a USB device which has pre-installed software. You will be easily able to access the application just by connecting to the USB port. You have an option to select the USB devices of different models which will make a perfect gift for wedding.

This web application is a single time investment of just $18.99 USD and it provides lifetime support. This life time support includes free upgrade to future versions of this application. Unlike other application it doesn’t have any annual subscription fee or annual maintenance fee. Your data will be preserved for several years without any cost. The other advantage with Aexo’s business is they do free shipping all over the world. The price is same for online version and offline version. Now it’s up to the user’s to select as per their need. If you have chosen online version then your account will be activated immediately after the purchase. As activation serial number will be sent to your email id. For offline versions and activation serial number will be printed and attached with the gift card and an email also will be sent to your email id.

This application has various sections like Overview, My guests, To-do list, Calendar, My suppliers, Budget calculator, My Notes, Music List, Foods & Drinks, Order of the day, Photography, Email & Print, My Account, Tables, RSVP & Invitations etc. The Wedding Overview tab provides you important details about the wedding in the form of small widgets. The wedding planner has the capability to update the overview tab automatically when you make any changes in the other sections. This section gives a clear picture about the wedding at a glance. In the My guests section you will be allowed to add infinite number of guests and you will be provided option to organize the guests with couples and families etc. In the My guests section will also has option to plan your seating arrangements. You can easily manage the guests you have invited and you can easily organize the guests who have confirmed their arrival.

With To-do list you can organize your activities and maintain a scheduled plan so that you won’t forget anything. The calendar section allows you to set up reminder for important events. In my suppliers section you can manage different type of suppliers you encounter during wedding, say for example dress supplier, catering services, etc. Budget calculator section allows you to manage the event with a proper money management and plan. In My notes section you have an easy to access text editor where you can type anything and save whenever you want. In Foods & drinks section you can manage the food varieties you are planning for the event.

In Photography section you can manage the photographs of the events. In Email and Print section you can email and Print the plan you made in each section. Order of the day section displays the entire plan of your day. In My account section you have option to change your primary email address and you can change your password. You have option to select your primary currency format for this planning. It also has a help menu which is self-explanatory and explains about each section. All the sections are easily customizable and it has a pleasant look and feel.

My suggestion for Axeo team to improve this product is, they can very well introduce synchronization between offline (when connected to internet) and online versions so that users can maintain the same plan and same data.

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